Drink Offerings – Luci's Steakhouse

Enjoy a Drink with Us.

Luci's drink list.

Cocktail artisans.

Our cocktails reflect the same attention to detail that our food does. 

Cocktails to start your evening.

Our curated list of cocktails brings imagination and innovation to your glass.

The best wine selection in the area.

Our wine list cannot be beat for quality and value.

our exquisite wine list

These are the hard to find, truly unique experience wines we can provide that few other restaurants can.

our by the glass selection is equally fantastic.

We don’t play games with ensuring that the perfect sip is available to you. By the glass or by the bottle, you will find quality everywhere you look.

plenty of wine.

We work equally hard sourcing the best value proposition wines as we do finding the rarest ones. Rest assured that any bottle you uncork at Luci’s will be excellent.